CodeConsults Ltd is dedicated to providing high-quality software systems and supplying high-calibre consultants in today’s ever-changing software environment.

With over 20 years of Industrial and Commercial Software/Hardware experience, we have a broad experience in a wide range of computer and hardware based projects from industrial printers, customer websites, to train based measurement systems.

We also believe in using appropriate tooling to offer the best service possible. To assess or achieve high Code Quality we are using the tool NDepend.

Our wide range of services also include the following:

– software consultancy and contracting
– legacy software upgrading (websites and windows applications)
– search engine optimization (including clean Url writing)
– web design and consultancy
– web hosting
– off-site backup services

We have excellent core knowledge in Microsoft systems including .Net, SQL Server and most of the Microsoft Operating Systems. With experience in open source technologies such as NUnit and AJAX, we are confident that all your software needs and requirements can be met.

Contact Information:
Mobile: 0449897038
Email: russ.quinn@codeconsults.com

ABN 28 130 763 861

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