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In a previous post, we mentioned one of the many challenges we faced when implementing this product for the client.  At this stage the product is under trial to prove the concept for management in order to progress to the next stage of roll-out.

The next stage of the product would be to essentially clean up, fine-tune and hopefully re-engineer the product to better suit it to the environment that it will ultimately live in.  At the start of the project, the client didn’t have some necessary things in place for connecting to ArcGIS, so a different method was used to implement the mapping and linear referencing system.  Unfortunately this older system required WinForms to be used when we would have preferred to implement in WPF as the tablets that were to be used were using Windows 8.1 (comparison: old but still valid).

As is the case with many initial projects that are under time constraints as well as technology constraints, we reflect on the past work as we progress and see ways of improving.  Given all of the initial technological hurdles have been resolved and the product works, the re-work of the application will result in a more robust and cleaner application for the client.  Thankfully with our application architecture, we built it using an MVP pattern, so the majority of the business logic code is separated from the view therefore making the transition to a WPF application will be so much easier.

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