Subversion, TeamCity and Trac

A while back aftermoving house, I thought it time to revisit our source control and Continuous Integration setup. We had been using CSV, CruiseControl and Bugzilla for the best part of about 10 years without any major issues, but we guessed you can’t improve yourselves if you don’t try new things, so here we are!

After much searching we plumped for the combination of Subversion, Jet Brains’ TeamCity and The Trac Project. First off the installation of each was quite a breeze compared to when we did this 10 years ago. Yes things have moved on, improved, Google etc… but it was nice for installations to go without a hitch. Having said that a few sites did help along the way.

For installing and setting up Subversion, we found this site extremely useful. Also, for any out there new to Subversion or indeed source control, this site here is a good resource

TeamCity (continuous integration), well there isn’t too much to say other than simple! We’ve been using ReSharper since about 2004 and have always loved it and once again Jet Brains have delivered.

Trac is a wiki and issue tracking system and as with the others, this was simple to setup and use.

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